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Climate Naturals

Craft Climate Natural's brand narrative to captivate and resonate with its diverse global audience.

Brand story

Climate Naturals is the new face of thousand years of old spice trade.

Spice trade flourished but lacked innovation for many years. A unified easy to use, accessible form anywhere in the world channel is missing in this lucrative and important trade.

Spices brand story telling

The Why?

Climate Naturals introduced an app that facilitates the spice trade, which is operable from anywhere in the world, and ease of use and navigation made the spice trade easy as buying shoes from Amazon. 

We created an explainer video that helped them convey this to their potential clients who are spread across the globe.

Using cultural motifs to make the story interesting.

Vas co De gama - that name is synonymous with spice, he ravaged harsh seas to establish a sea route between India and Europe to establish a spice trade.

We began the story with Gama’s adventure

Explainer video styleframe
Product demo

App walk-through to help clients understand how to navigate.

This walk-through is especially helpful for potential clients who may be hesitant to try something new or unfamiliar. With our video, they can see firsthand how simple and easy it is to use the Climate Naturals app.

Style frames reflect the authenticity of the product.

The produce/product is sourced from the farmers and is proceeded through the right channels with an impeccable process.

Farming styleframe explainer video

Here is what the say;

The video perfectly captures our brand's story and vision, effectively communicating our unique value proposition. It has been instrumental in converting viewers into customers, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

NIbin Climate naturals

Nibin Jose 

Director, Climate Naturals

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