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Here is how we tell your story.

Think of us as the ultimate video sidekicks, Whether you need to explain a complex concept, show off your product or service, or just tell a great story, we've got the skills to get it done. So let us tell you our process of creating a video.



Pre production

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We'll thoroughly research your brand and competitors, and ask detailed questions to understand your story & goals before we start brainstorming ideas.

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Our motto is "goal-driven concept first." We'll develop creative ideas aligned with your objectives and brand strategy to effectively communicate your message.

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Now we have an approved concept. Let’s develop it into a script with voiceover & scenes. Scripting usually takes a few attempts, but it’s collaborative work, so let’s enjoy it.




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Voice over

Let's find the ideal spokesperson. Let's Sample artists for pace, accent, and attitude. Once we find the perfect match, finalize the selection.

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Story Board

We'll help you visualize by providing a storyboard, outlining scenes opposite the VoiceOver. Sketches clarify how visuals will unfold.

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We'll provide animatics to help you visualize the scenes alongside the VoiceOver, ensuring a clear understanding of how the visuals will unfold.

All done!

The video arrives in your inbox, ready to share with the world.

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Style frame

We'll provide styleframes for visual clarity, matching your brand and goals with color and design elements.

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This is where we give life to the style frames/illustration with motion.

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Post production

No video is complete without suitable background music, at this step, we add music, sound effect, and composite and edit the video to make it perfect.

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