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Explain Deskday & its features to MSP industry folks without making it confusing or boring.


Desk Day introduces a groundbreaking Unified Smart Ecosystem specifically designed to enhance the daily tasks of Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Desk Day empowers MSPs to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and deliver top-notch IT support services to their clients.

Product Explainer video

The Why?

With complex features and capabilities, an explainer video was crucial in simplifying and communicating the platform's benefits. By creating an engaging and memorable visual experience, Desk Day aimed to capture the attention of potential users and leave a lasting impression. 

From Chaos to Efficiency: The Desk Day Transformation

Experience the transformative journey of MSPs as they shift from chaos to efficiency.


This captivating storyline resonates with MSPs, connecting with their struggles and aspirations for a game-changing solution.

Team style frame for explainer video

Style frames tailored to resonate with the target audience

The video is specifically tailored for MSPs and B2B targets, incorporating customized characters and relatable environments. This approach fosters a strong connection and familiarity, effectively engaging the audience and making them feel understood.

Office illustrated style frame for explainer video

Here is what the say;

You guys have given face & voice to our vision, & every-one will know us through what you have put in for us. Shout-out to your team for their perseverance 😊

Vineet Deskday

Vineet RS

Product Marketing Manager, Deskday

Product demo video

Exploring the App Through a Walk-Through

Tailored for potential clients who may be apprehensive about trying something new or unfamiliar, this video provides a firsthand experience of how straightforward and user-friendly Desk Day truly is

Shahir DIvo
Nibin Climate naturals
Client testimonials
Vineet Deskday
Jason Jotto

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