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Create a video for a diverse Gen Z-friendly product that champions privacy and anonymity.


Connect with your community like never before with Jotto!

Streamline interactions, build trust, and nurture lasting relationships. Take community engagement to new heights.

Socia media explainer video styleframe

The Why?

With a unique and innovative concept from jotto, it was crucial to provide a clear and concise overview of how Jotto works and its benefits. An explainer video served as the perfect medium to simplify the app's complexities, making it accessible and understandable to a wide audience.

From Woes to Whoa!

We addressed the pain points faced by the audience and presented a clear solution.


Through visuals, narration, and demonstrations, we were able to effectively communicate how Jotto resolves their challenges and improves their experiences.

Online connection explainer video
Product demo styleframe

Delightful app walk-through for seamless exploration!

Making it easier to understand and navigate. It boosts confidence and eliminates any hesitation by showing firsthand how simple and user-friendly the app is, empowering the audience to explore and utilize its features with ease.

Stylish Frames that Embrace Diversity

Stye frames are thoughtfully designed to appeal to individuals from all walks of life, fostering inclusivity and celebrating diversity. With a keen focus on representing a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, these frames offer a stylish and accessible choice for everyone.

Social media explainer video

Here is what the say;

Love your work and your passion for our project!

Many thanks to the incredibly talented team at Penziloid for this wonderful explainer video.

Jason Jotto

Jason Van Anden

Founder, Quadrant 2

explainer video portfolio

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