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Why explainer videos are the way to go!

Still, staying away from the benefits of explainer videos? Read this.

Still, staying away from the benefits of explainer videos? Read this.

Hi Marketers,

No one needs a lecture on the benefits or impacts of videos in marketing.

But the question here is: Why explainer videos?

Imagine this: you need a project management solution, and you made a list of brands that have solutions you need. One by one, you browse through each of their websites, and they all do a great job explaining in detail why their brands and products are the best. They provide the solutions you need.

You had to spend at least 10–15 minutes on each of their websites to understand the kind of solutions they provide.

But one website had an explainer video on its home page, and in less than a minute, it explained the products, their specifics, and why they were the smart choice.

Yes! Explainer videos can make a product desirable in less than a minute!

For all other companies, you have to come up with a presentation for your team, but that one company with an explainer video presented and explained complex concepts: all by itself.

Explainer videos are better than presentations!

In your next meeting, which companies do your teammates recall the most? Not maybe all, but most of them sure remember the company with the video.

Better brand recall with explainer videos!

When you want your product to stand out and explain the complex procedures or products effectively, "Explainer videos are the way to go".


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