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Why Spline's explainer video is perfect

They start with “Once upon a time designers” which is enough to get designers hooked and assures them that if they stay here for the rest of the video, we have a fairy tale that can help them in real life.

Then it tags the viewers with a representation of themselves (character).

And jumps into the issue designers face and the solution Spline offers

Through an out-and-out blending of voice-over and visualization, Spline states that designers are facing a flat world (The design world), and mastering the world of 3D is an uphill battle.

And here comes Spline, represented as a magical orb, which was descended from the fairy tale heaven, where creativity and technology go hand in hand.

The beautiful voice-over - introducing the brand

  1. At Spline we believe every designer deserves a world with dimension

  2. We created an astonishingly simple, web-based, real-time app that brings out 3d in everything you do

  3. Explaining the product with the simplest of examples

Without complicating the video with unwanted technical jargon or overly ambitious top-notch art examples, they conveyed the story with a simple example of turning a simple 2D square into a 3D cube and customizing it according to your needs. After that video seamlessly introduces their collaboration feature.

Spline ends the video with a promise!

The voiceover towards the end of the videos works as a promise to the designers

"Spline makes 3D easily, so your creativity can flow in a whole new direction with a lot more depth, interaction, and collaboration"

Towards the end, along with the promise-filled voiceover, they reveal an attractive feature

 With Spline, there’s no waiting on a rendering


  1. Address the targeted audience at the beginning itself

  2. Use simple and beautiful voiceover

  3. Avoid unwanted technical jargon and explanations

  4. End with a promise


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