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Why your explainer video should be tailor-made?

Below are pictures of two different apartment complexes.

Picture A is a generic apartment building from any city in the world, and picture B is the Absolute World Tower in Mississauga, aka the Marilyn Monroe Towers.

Both buildings are residential towers. Now tell me which of these two buildings has a distinct identity—the one with its brand.

The answer is Option B, Marilyn Monroe Towers.

Consider two explainer videos, both are trying to sell an app, one with a generic character style and the other with a generic storytelling style. The second video has a unique narrative, characters, and visuals that prompt the brand it represents. Which video do you think has a chance of being recalled after a few days? And to sell the app?

A good explainer video serves as an extension of your brand and contributes brand recall.

A tailor-made explainer video helps your branding!

The question is: how?

1. A concept first, then a script!

Jumping into scripting first is a big mistake; instead, come up with a concept that can tell the story creatively while binding all the crucial features. Explainer videos are an evolved and combined product of presentation and branding. Along with explaining the product, it burdens itself as a flag bearer of your brand. It is important not to reduce your explainer video to an animated version of your corporate presentation. So make a concept that acknowledges the brand elements, then write a script.

2. Make a narrative complementing your brand archetype

A script that infuses the brand archetype is perfect for generating brand awareness. Your brand is a jester; make the story fun, or your brand is a hero, change the narrative accordingly.

3. Refer to your brand guidelines for the visual style

 It is easy to get carried away with another excellent explainer video's style and want something like that. But is that style related and complementing your brand values? Inspiration is good, but only fix a visual style after referring to your brand guidebook.

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